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08 June 2009 @ 08:29 pm
Mun Information:
Name/Alias: Go
Other muses: Ikuta Toma

Muse Information:
Name: Horikita Maki
Profession/Band: Actress
LJ: shiroiyuri
SN: scarleticity
Year Level: 5th year
Wand Type: ivy, runespoor fang, 13,5"
Desired Elective Classes: Ancient runes, arithmacy, basic healing
Desired Activities/Clubs: charm, dueling

hunted mercilessly
migrating bird still
fly over towns

Things you need to know about Maki:
☆ Horikita Maki, a full-blooded witch with a famous Auror who passed away during his mission, and a mother working inside the ministry.
☆ Has always been known as a genius who places her study over everything (and probably her work when she has started one later). Her true passion is, of course, becoming a respectable auror like her father
☆ Is really good on spells, but very bad on riding brooms. Maki had also been hospitalized after falling from her broom. Really, broom isn't her match at all.
☆ Not an antisocial at all. She loves spending her money, partly because her family is rich, even without her father's presence around. Her grandfather spoils her too much, and she just loves getting all the attention.
☆ Heck, she's extremely shy. Though sometimes it helps her in getting what she wants ;)
☆ She could be a real bitch when someone gets on her nerve, By real bitch means she would do anything to ruin the other's life. And it's not a joke.
☆ More to add later after any idea pops up

Plot? drop a comment here? ;)